Vegan for Lent: A Guide to 40 Days of Plant Based Eating

Want to go vegan or vegetarian for Lent? This guide shows you how. Vegan for Lent features 40 days of scripture meditations, meal plans, and over 60 recipes, in addition to information on eating out, common ingredients, and obtaining ample protein on a vegan diet.

What people are saying:

“The Vegan For Lent Guide that Joy has prepared was so helpful to many of our people as it caused us to consider what we eat and why. The gift of Lent is that it invites us to actually think and reflect on the meaning of our lives and choices and nothing causes as habitual reflection as having to consider what to eat, three times a day.”–Rev. Mark Tidd, Founding Pastor, Highlands Church, Denver


“More than information, the Vegan For Lent guide provided inspiration- a fresh way to approach what and how we eat that was encouraging and based on the premise that eating a vegetable-based diet was not limiting, but rather freeing and full of delight.”–Rachael McClair, Worship Pastor, Highlands Church, Denver

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